6th Form Science trip to AstraZeneca

On 15th March 2011, Six year 12 pupils visited AstraZeneca, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. As part of the Applied Science course, some of the unit content involves designing a specialist laboratory. Through our links with AstraZenca, the pupils were able to spend a day at the Alderley Park research site and received guided tours around a Chemistry lab and a Drug Metabolism lab. The work that is undertaken in both these labs is of key importance when designing a new drug to treat diseases such as cancer and diabetes.
AstraZeneca opened a brand new block in 2005 with ‘building for the future’ in mind. The labs that we visited gave the pupils an insight into what needs to be taken into account when designing laboratories. They paid particular attention to the key features and equipment, safety, access, waste disposal, and even got to see in action, AstraZeneca’s high tech storage and ordering system, ‘The Kardex’.
Following a presentation by a Team Leader in the lab design process and after our personal guided tours, our year 12 Applied Science pupils came away from the visit ready to tackle their new assignment at distinction level, and fully inspired about a future career in Science.

Pupil Quotes
‘The best thing about our trip to AstraZeneca was the tour of both the DMPK and Chemistry labs because it showed us what the necessities were to be able to work both effectively and safely. This has helped me with my assignment. When I have finished my A Levels I hope to get an apprenticeship there’
Megan Fletcher

‘We visited AstraZeneca for our assignment and it has helped us a lot with our coursework. I was inspired by their modernised equipment and future proof technology! Hopefully I will be able to get an apprenticeship there’
Benjamin Fearn

‘The trip to AstraZeneca gave me a better idea on how a real laboratory works. This is much better than anyone could have explained. We got to see the different types of labs and how the equipment changes throughout them depending on what they are trying to find out. I really enjoyed the trip as it got me thinking more about the future and how I might enjoy a career in something similar’
Karen Fox