OBA Kenya Visit 2011

The students and staff are back from Kenya after a fantastic trip. From seeing some of Africas fascinating wildlife to observing the education of young Kenyans in a local school, the students will no doubt have a lasting memory of this visit. They also managed to take some amazing footage from their excursions, along with some brilliant pictures.

This video gives a good example of what went on during the time in Kenya, and as you can see it looks like they had a really great time out there.

The trip lasted 8 days. The first 2 days were spent in Nakuru National Park where we did a game drive and saw lots of animals including rhinos, zebra, giraffes, baboons, wart hogs, flamingos, pelicans and probably loads more that I can’t remember! Then we travelled 10 hours, crossing the equator to the West Pokot region where we stayed in very basic (no electricity, outside toilets and showers) huts in a study centre called the Marich Pass. We did lots of different activites while at the centre including visitng a girls school (Fr Leo’s Catholic Girls School) where we donated lots of stationery and equipment; visiting a clinic that is being built for the local people (and where we plan to donate a lot of the money), going to the local market and swimming in the River Wei Wei. We also spent time with the local tribe – the Pokot tribe and managed to interview different members of the community (through a translator) which allowed the pupils to gather research for a study project. We learned all about the Pokot culture and realised how different it is from our own. Our favourite activity was swimming with the local children in the Moruny River, where we went every day, and teaching them our own songs and dances. – Miss Andrews

Kenya Equator

Kenya Children

The obligatory photo in front of the sign at the equator which runs through Kenya (left) and two smiling Kenyans pose for a photo in the sun (right)