Life Choice Baby Hire Programme

Our school has been lucky enough to introduce the exciting opportunity of the Life Choice Baby Hire Programmes for students.

The programme is designed to inform young people about the realities of parenting. This involves the student caring for a virtual Baby over a weekend and aims, through an extended experience in a realistic environment, to help young people understand three important facts about babies:

• Babies’ demands are unpredictable and must be met promptly.
• Babies require a great deal of time and attention.
• Babies change parents’ lives profoundly. The Life Choice Baby Hire Programme helps young adults explore the physical, emotional and social consequences of parenthood.

The baby will require care throughout the day and night. The baby’s schedule is based on the schedule of a real baby. When the baby cries, it will be the student’s responsibility to attend to baby’s needs. The student responds to the cry by waving their ID over the baby and then has to judge what kind of care the baby needs – feeding, burping, rocking or nappy changing.

I’m sure will agree that this will be a valuable experience for all involved!

Life Choice Baby Hire Programme