Art Exhibition at the Brindley

Statement for Inspired Responses-

The opportunity to be involved in the Inspired Responses project has been enjoyable and productive. The students’ experience of working with artist Rebecca has been beneficial in terms of widening understanding of contemporary photography and the artistic process, providing them with insight.

Rebecca’s enthusiasm enriched students understanding of the project theme through the introduction of her own and the work of a variety of artists and techniques. Through personal research and discussions, the students have been exposed to artists who use personal identity as their subject matter providing them with an enhanced visual stimulus.

Students developed ideas, concepts through individual discussions with Rebecca, allowing creativity to flourish, this provided students with the chance to explore techniques, methods, improving their ideas, gaining a real understanding of the process of creating images, refining them and finally exhibiting them.

-Shaun Smyth
Art Teacher

Digital Photography at the Brindley

The students with Principal Mr Rigby(left) and Art teacher Mr Smyth(right)