Amsterdam History Trip

A-Level history students have spent five days in Amsterdam where they took part in the ‘Coming to Justice’ programme at the Anne Frank House. They were with students and guest speakers from across the world including Argentina, America, Austria, Germany, Holland and Democratic Republic of Congo. Students studied the story of Anne Frank and then explored concepts of justice and human rights by drawing comparisons between the Holocaust and the recent conflict in the Congo.

The house of Anne Frank

The house of one of the Holocausts most famous victims

Students worked incredibly hard, to an outstanding standard. They were a credit to the school – their teachers are very proud! There will be a video of their time in Amsterdam available on the website soon. In the meantime students are busy preparing an assembly for the rest of the school in response to what they have learned about human rights abuses in the Congo and to raise awareness of the important issue of child soldiers.

The ICC in The Hague

The ICC in The Hague