Careers Updates

Getting Ready For Court! 9th October, 2017

OBA staff, Mrs Jarvis, Mr Hussey and Mr Bird have already started start to recruit a team of students from Years 8 and 9, to prepare for the annual Magistrates’ Court Mock Trial competition, which will take place at Warrington Law Courts next March.

What is MCMT?

Over 95 per cent of criminal cases (more than a million every year) are dealt with by magistrates, yet many people know very little about what they do.

The Magistrates’ Court Mock Trial Competition, which has been running annually since 1994, introduces the legal system to young people in an innovative and exciting way.

In the roles of lawyers, witnesses, magistrates and court staff, students prosecute and defend specially written criminal cases. Teams compete against each other in real Magistrates’ courts in front of genuine magistrates.


What does it deliver?

This year, when asked how the students benefit from taking part, 95% of teachers said it improved their

  • knowledge and understanding of the legal system
  • confidence
  • teamwork
  • public speaking
  • ability to develop an argument
  • analytical skills.

How does it work?

Students compete in teams of 12/13 and must be in Years 8 and/or 9. They are all are supplied with comprehensive preparation materials, such as a competition guide, lesson plans and a specially written criminal case.

School teams then play off against each other in local heats. The winners compete in a regional final and, in turn, those winners meet in a national final. The winner of the national final walks away with a shield, prizes for the team (which in the past have included book tokens for the students and resources for the school) and a deserving sense of pride.

Mrs Jarvis said;

“This is a superb way to raise students understanding and knowledge of the law in action. It has raised confidence and achievement in our school and we look forward to working with a new team of enthusiastic students this term.”

  • Business Networking Event with Alstom Engineering Company 29th September, 2017

    As part of the school’s continuing commitment to raising achievement and the aspirations of our pupils, On Friday 22nd September, 58 technology/engineering students from years 9 and 10 were selected to attend a business networking event with Alstom Engineering Company here at OBA.

    In the UK and Ireland, Alstom operates across over 20 sites and employs more than 2,500 people.  Alstom has an impressive history in the UK dating back to the dawn of the railway, and they have been involved in some of this country’s most significant and innovative rail transportation infrastructure such as HS1, Manchester Metrolink, Network Rail’s Signalling and electrification systems, Nottingham Tram and half the trains on the London Underground.

    Alstom 1_550

    Alstom also provides world-class development and training facilities for employees and industry partners. Additionally, they invest in longer-term skills development through partnerships with the UK’s best education providers and skills development organisations, as well as their own well-established intern, apprentice and graduate programmes.

    Alstom, whose new site has recently opened in Halton, with a Skills Centre due to open in September,  sent 21 employees over from France to come into OBA, with an aim of raising awareness of careers in Engineering.

    alstom 7_550

    Pupils were given the opportunity to speak with the engineers about their roles and responsibilities and about the educational and vocational pathways that they undertook to access a career in this industry.

    Alstom 3_550

    Feedback from the event was very positive, with all 21 of the Alstom engineers stating that they found the event to be very beneficial for both them and the students;

    The main benefit to me personally of participating in this event was not just answering the questions of the young people but also giving them a better insight into the daily duties and responsibilities of being an engineer, I never had this opportunity when I was at school/college’ Sylvain Lapougeas, Alstom Engineer.  

    ‘This event made me realise how beneficial this type of interaction this could be for my own children when they reach this age, thank you OBA’ Julian Chevallier,  Alstom Engineer.  

    ‘Really good event. It was nice to speak to young people and get excited about my job and company’ David Owen, Alstom Engineer

  • Join ‘Cheshire Police Cadets’ right here at OBA!!! 11th July, 2017
    • Work with forensics
    • Learn self-defence
    • Solve a crime
    • Visit a custody suite
    • Enjoy outdoor activities

    The Police Cadet Programme will start on Monday 2nd October, based right here at OBA between 7.00pm and 8.30pm.

    The application process closes on 23rd July, so get your application in now using the following link:

    Cheshire Police Cadets

    Want to know more? – visit

    Do you have any questions? – email

  • Inspirational Business Advice 9th May, 2017

    Julie Kennealy, Executive Director of the Sutton Housing Partnership, visited OBA recently to address Year 12 and 13 BTEC Business students.  Julie is a Chartered Accountant who specialises in applying commercial skills in non-profit, social settings to help secure long-term, financial sustainability for organisations. She has over 25 years of experience at the most senior levels in large organisations, both public and private, and in not for profit settings in housing, regeneration and added social value industries.

    Julie visited OBA to describe her journey from a humble background growing up in Liverpool, to her current position as an Executive Director. Inspiring students with her story of how, as an unemployed young mother, she turned her sense of injustice on her lot in life into ambition and drive.  She returned to education, produced a set of goals of what she wanted in life namely to buy her own house, to own a car and to be able to go on a holiday – and then she just went for it!

    Students were inspired as Julie described how, through hard work and determination, she was able to return to education and secure a qualification that allowed her to get a job, with a relocation allowance allowing her to move to London as a training officer.

    Julie went on to say that she soon aspired to rise up the ranks of management. She described to students how she looked at those in higher positions and planned what she had to do to achieve a similar position. She then undertook the necessary qualification and rose up the ladder of success, inspiring her employers to pay for some of her education along the way, to promote the role of women in business.

    Julie also described how she had overcome personal adversity on the death of her daughter and twenty years later on the death of her son in a car crash.  However, she spoke about how she never gave up but rather used the anger she felt inside to drive her forward to be even more successful.

    Julie outlined to students some of the amazing places her work had taken her to and the people she had met though her career.  She spoke about meeting the Queen in her role as Chief Executive of a charity, being invited to Downing Street for tea to meet the Prime minister, dining at the House of Lords and being a guest in a private tennis match between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic just a week before Andy Murray won Wimbledon.

    Julie went on to explain to students that these were things that money cannot buy and that these privileged experiences were available to her as result of her hard work and determination.

    To help students further, Julie offered them an insight into what employers are looking for in recruitment these days and gave them advice on how to succeed at interview. She then held a question and answer session with the students who benefitted hugely from her outstanding presentation.

  • OBA Works with Local Businesses on International Women’s Day 14th March, 2017

    To mark ‘International Women’s Day’ on Wednesday 8th March, a selection of female students from Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy’s Sixth Form and Year 10 attended two separate business networking events with well-known local businesses, Isover Saint Gobain and Capita O2.

    On this special day in particular, organisations from around the world host events to support the #PledgeForParity campaign.  From awareness raising to concrete action, females work tirelessly to pledge support for gender parity.  Businesses such as Isover Saint Gobain and Capita O2, are proud to say that they have always had this important issue high on their agenda. They are totally committed to helping women and girls achieve their ambitions by challenging conscious and unconscious bias, ensuring gender-balance in leadership roles and giving equal value to the contributions of both men and women.

    To mark this occasion, Isover Saint Gobain invited fourteen Year 12 Business Studies students over to their company, to join ten of their female professionals for afternoon tea. Over tea, and a fine range of food, the students were given the opportunity to find out about the various job roles within the industry. Each of the female professionals they met spoke about how she had risen to success, in what had traditionally been a predominantly male working environment.

    Following the success of the event, some of Isover Saint Gobain’s female professionals have already established further links with individual students by becoming their ‘Business Mentor’ for the remainder of this academic year. This opportunity will not only allow the students to access first-hand knowledge and expertise from those working directly in their field of interest, but it will also allow for personalised, professional 1 to 1 support when it comes to completing CVs, university and job applications and preparation for interviews.

    In addition, four female professionals from Capita O2 came to OBA for a breakfast meeting with fourteen female students from Year 10.  This gave them the opportunity to discuss educational and training opportunities and the students were enthralled to hear the Capita O2 staff relate some of their real-life experiences and successes.


    Mrs Amy Jarvis, Careers Co-ordinator at OBA, said:

    The students and the professionals from both companies felt that the event was insightful and of great benefit.  We are very grateful that these local companies take these issues so seriously and were able to allow the female professionals a few hours out from their busy schedules. They inspired our students to have the self-belief to aim high in order to achieve their goals in the world of work.

  • Marines put OBA Students Through Their Paces 3rd March, 2017

    As part of OBA’s mission to raise the aspirations of our young people and offer them real-life, world of work experiences, thirty students from Years 9, 10 and 11 who had registered an interest in the armed forces, were recently selected to take part in a careers session led by The Royal Marines.

    A team of three Royal Marine Commandos came into school and hosted fun, fast-paced activities focussing on the following areas;

    • A fifty minute formal outreach presentation focussing on a day in the life of a marine
    • Fitness training and circuits
    • Practical Leadership Task
    • Small static displays (rucksack packing etc.) and field craft demonstrations (tent construction, ration sacks, military skills etc.)

    As a graduate employer, it meant that the Marines could also discuss careers options with students and help them understand more about a life without limits in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines. They also spoke to students considering a career within this sector on a more informal basis, and provided help with things like interview techniques for the civilian workplace.

    The leader of the three Marines said:

    Thank you very much for your hospitality today, it was lovely to meet you and hopefully we can work together again soon.  Your pupils were clearly very enthusiastic and also a credit to the school with their fitness.

  • Year 10 Work Experience with Isover Saint Gobain 27th January, 2017

    Four Year 10 students recently undertook work placements at Isover Saint Gobain, based on the Whitehouse Industrial Estate in Runcorn.

    Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy’s work experience programme provides students with the opportunity to gain a first-hand insight into how organisations work and are bespoke to individual students. The placements are tailored to the interests and strengths of each individual and provide them with the skills and experience that will allow them to stand out to potential employers.

    Mrs Jarvis, Careers Co-ordinator at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy who has set up an excellent community working link with local company Isover Saint Gobain, said:

    Participating in a work experience enables our students to be valued members of our community. It also assists them in choosing the right sector to work in when considering a career path in the future.

    Jamie Niandpradit, who was on as Catering placement said:

    I really loved learning how to prepare the meals for the employees and how to present food. I had the opportunity to speak to new people and I feel so much more confident after this experience. I have always wanted to be a chef and being able to see all of the other cool things that you get to do when working in catering, has made me want to do this even more. The only downside of the placement was that it was not long enough!

    William Allanson who was delighted to gain an Engineering placement said:

    I really enjoyed doing my work experience at Isover. It really helped me to improve my communication skills and the experience of welding some of the machinery was brilliant. The placement has helped me to feel much more confident and I would really like to work for Isover Saint Gobain in the future.

    Udom Deesamer secured a placement in the company’s Finance Department and he thought the experience of working in the Finance Team helped to prepare him for later life and the real world of work.

    Whereas James Batty really enjoyed his time on a Science Laboratory placement.  He added:

    I learnt loads of new things and new terminology too.  Getting the impurities out of the gullet and taking samples from the insulation was really interesting. I also enjoyed working with new people.  This was difficult at first but everyone made me feel really welcome and so in no time I was working with them in a much more confident way.  It was great!

    More of OBA’s Year 10 students will taking part in work experience placements during the course of this year, so watch this space for more news!

  • Business Partnership Launch Event 2nd November, 2016

    I am pleased to inform you that the business partnership launch event took place here at OBA on 20thOctober, as planned, and it was a great success.

    The launch event was designed to inform OBA’s Year 10 students of our new working partnership with the company and to discuss the exciting career-linked opportunities that would be available to them over the coming years.

    The day kicked off with an informative assembly hosted by Saint Gobain Company Director, Simon Tait. Simon provided the students with an in depth overview of Saint Gobain; who they are, what they do and what they manufacture, the history of the company and the various industry and job sectors across the business.

    The rest of the day was then broken down into a series of 5 workshops which were linked to Saint Gobain’s brand awareness and possible future careers.  The workshops were entitled: Sharing our expertise; Enhancing the customer experience; Creating the feel good factor; Innovation; Sustainability.

    Through undertaking creative tasks, each workshop was designed to get the students to think innovatively, to develop their team building and communication skills, to discuss and identify the important skills involved within the various job sectors at Saint Gobain and, most importantly, to help raise our students’ aspirations.

    The workshops were carried out by ten Saint Gobain professionals, from a variety of job roles.  These included: HR Advisor, Product Manager, Operations Manager, Operations Director, Graduate Process Engineer, Product Manager, Marketing and Sales Assistant, Area Sales Manager and Supply Chain Manager.

    Some of the feedback from the day included:

    The group work activities and the discussions with the experts were really beneficial elements for our students….I have never heard the pupils ask so many questions!
    (Miss Boardman, English teacher and YR10 Form Tutor)

    The most helpful activity was in the innovation workshop because it helped me to understand that there are many different options to explore in the future and that I have to put myself out there!
    (Student from 10EBN)

    The most important thing that I have learnt from the business professionals today is to make the most of every opportunity.
    (Student from 10SHN)

    The main benefit of participating in today has been to improve our local network, awareness of our infrastructure and the challenges facing the development of our local young people.
    (Saint Gobain professional)

    By participating in today I feel that I have made the students at OBA more aware of the world of work helping to educate young people about the decisions that they make in the future is really important.
    (Saint Gobain professional)

    On behalf of students and staff at OBA, I would like to say a huge thank you to staff at Saint Gobain for taking time out of their busy daily schedules to work with our students and for inspiring them about possible future career choices.

    I look forward to reporting back soon on some further exciting initiatives that we will be embedding over this academic year.

  • Creating Employment Links Within Our Community 5th October, 2016

    To help raise the aspirations of our students, OBA recognises the importance of helping to create tomorrow’s competitive workforce! We aim to do this by influencing the skills and knowledge of our young people and by improving recruitment through establishing direct links from education into employment.

    OBA is therefore delighted to announce our new partnership with global company, Isover Saint-Gobain.

    Based just around the corner from the Academy, on the Whitehouse Industrial Estate, Isover Saint-Gobain promises to work in partnership with our school over the next three years to improve the achievement and employability skills of our students. They are offering OBA’s students the opportunity to have site visits and work experience placements, learning from their professionals who have a wide range of skills and expertise. So, this relationship promises to be an invaluable experience for all the students involved.

    Mrs Jarvis, OBA’s Careers Co-ordinator, was recently given the opportunity to visit Isover Saint-Gobain’s premises and attend its launch event.  After the event she said:

    It was incredible to experience first-hand what this brilliant company does and to learn about the many exciting opportunities they have on offer for our students. Following my visit, there will be a further launch event at OBA on Thursday 20th October, when our Year 10s will be given the opportunity to work hands on with the company. I look forward to reporting back soon on the exciting initiatives that we will be developing and embedding over this academic year – so watch this space!